About Us


Lokll is a travel activity marketplace for travelers to discover, plan and book local travel activities crafted by travel experts and locals.

At Lokll we are making travel more efficient, participative and inclusive for the local community members and for the travelers. Thus providing real and authentic local travel experiences to travelers and promote travel as a means of alternative livelihood for the locals while removing inefficiencies from the travel eco-system. Lokll is the easiest way for locals to share and monetize their local expertise without requiring any physical asset. This, we believe, is true sharing.

Behind Lokll is a team of Thinkers and Doers, people who believe in the power of travel to bring about real tangible change in the life of the locals and the travellers. Apart from being passionate Experiential Travel enthusiasts, the team is led by IIT and ISB alumni having multiple years of experience working in domains such as Travel & Hospitality, Technology, Retail, Customer Analytics, Personalization and Artificial Intelligence.